The North Coast Land Conservancy Habitat...

A Touch of Wilderness Right Next Door

Oregon Silverspot ButterflyThe North Coast Land Conservancy owns and administers nearly 40 acres of the original Reserve property as native habitat environment. The purpose of the Conservancy is to preserve native habitat along the coast, and they own a number of parcels north and south of The Reserve. These are carefully protected from incursion and development to allow local wildlife to coexist with the limited number of homesites along the coast.

The land east of The Reserve stretching to the banks of Neacoxie Creek, and a 1 acre parcel to the south, are set aside for native wildlife in general, and the Oregon Silverspot Butterfly in particular. View the Aerial Tour to see exactly which parcels of land are owned by the Conservancy.

Gearhart Conservancy WildlifeThe Oregon Silverspot Butterfly was once native to the area, but has suffered severe population declines over the past number of years as a result of habitat loss due to past farming and development. The 40 acres adjacent to The Reserve is being replanted in native coastal prairie foliage including the violets the butterfly needs in its reproductive cycle.

Soon larvae will be introduced in the habitat to encourage a new native population of the Silverspot. Homeowners along the east and south sides of The Reserve will witness the return of the Silverspot over the next several years.

In addition to butterflies, deer, elk, heron, and eagles make their homes in the conservancy habitat. These majestic creatures can often be seen hunting, nesting, grazing or just tromping through the area on their traditional foraging routes.

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